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Saving the Sea: One Swimsuit at a Time

In his world-famous Ted-Talk, Alan Smith said that the best way to capture an audience’s attention is to throw shocking statistics at them, so here it goes:

Do you know that the fashion industry is the second largest environmental polluter, only second to oil? More than 235 million items of clothing are buried in landfills and in the sea annually and more than 1.2 billion tons of carbon emissions are released into the air from the factories of fashion brands.

Even worse? Almost 750 000 synthetic fibers are released into the sea and into water reserves with each domestic wash.

The surge in consumerism has significantly exacerbated the global waste problem that is polluting the air, the land and, mostly, the sea. While the majority of the world’s focus has shifted towards the detrimental effects of solid plastic waste, such as plastic bottles and, more recently, plastic straws, many are still unaware of the fact that the surge in fast fashion is one of the leading causes and catalysts of the global waste crisis.

Fast fashion brands that create bulks of ‘cool’ and ‘fashionable’ designs a couple of hours after they are deemed ‘trendy’ on social media pay little to no attention to the catastrophic environmental consequences yielded from their apparel.

Many consumers feel concerned about these environmental implications; however, they do not realize the extent of their contribution to the issue or the significant positive impact a change in purchasing behavior can lead to. Although the global waste crisis cannot be abolished, it can be mitigated through the growth of sustainable fashion brands that aim to recycle existing fashion waste, reduce the amount of pollution emitted from production processes and positively impact the environment.

By The Beach By Tala recognizes the dire consequences of plastic and water pollution; the eco-friendly brand, thus, aims to provide its environmentally-aware and environmentally-friendly clientele with sustainable, eco-friendly swimsuits that are not only stunning and durable, but that are also made from sustainable fabrics and material.

By The Beach By Tala heavily relies on the wonder that is Econyl. Econyl, a form of recycled nylon that is completely made from waste products such as abandoned fishing nets and textiles, is a much better alternative to the original prevalent nylon that is made from a derivative of oil. The use of Econyl in fashion not only reduces the aggregate amount of global waste, but also reduces the amount of plastic microfibers that are released into every wash.

While most people ignore the damaging effects their swimsuits can cause on the environment, By The Beach By Tala’s clientele assumes that responsibility and plays an active role in mitigating this important, and detrimental, problem.

In addition to creating beautiful, sexy pieces of sustainable swimsuits, By The Beach By Tala also actively encourages the use of the Cora Ball and GruppyFriend.

The Cora Ball is a funky-looking laundry ball that is placed inside the washing machine to catch the thousands of microfibers that are released with each wash and that are, otherwise, released back into the ocean.

Similarly, GruppyFriend is a self-cleaning washing bag that traps garments’ synthetic microfibers and prevents them from being released back into public waterways.

These two genius products, currently sold on their respective official websites, are easy and innovative tools, made completely from recycled materials, that can effectively reduce the amount of water pollution created by a single household.

In addition to supporting sustainable fashion brands and using environment-friendly recycled products, you could even reduce your own contribution to the global waste crisis by implementing small changes that can lead to a huge positive effect on the planet.

For instance, you could wash your clothes by hand instead of in washing machines to significantly reduce the amount of water being used and wasted. You could even wash your clothes in cold water, instead of hot water, to reduce the number of synthetic microparticles being released back into the ocean.

There are many little changes that we can all do to leave a positive mark on our environment, it is just a matter of caring enough about the world. It is also important to understand the value of individual efforts and realize that our actions count and can make a huge difference. At By The Beach By Tala, we recognize the global waste problem and accept the responsibility to spread awareness through sexy, trend and most importantly, sustainable designs and products.


  • Rayya
    September 25, 2019

    Thank you for this much needed wake up call regarding fast fashion’s role in the climate crisis we are witnessing around the globe. And thank you for introducing me to the use of econyl in clothing and to steps I can take to protect the earth and our oceans.

    Beautiful swimwear line⭐️

  • Sana
    October 3, 2019

    A swim suite line thats not only fashion forward but also eco friendly.
    A brand inspired by the sea’s beauty and need combining style and reducing harm to the earth’s eco-system!!
    Cant wait to see whats coming up next.

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