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Happy Earth Day Everyday

Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, is meant to show support for environmental protection and raise awareness for the importance of sustainability and environmentally-conscious activities that allow humans to enjoy life while simultaneously caring for the planet. Every year, millions of people around the world celebrate Earth Day by learning more about how they could help protect the planet against deforestation, pollution, waste and global warming. Media outlets, NGOs and activities often highlight that humans can improve the sustainability of all their actions and greatly reduce their daily carbon footprint by consuming less energy and natural resources and by generating less waste. These changes include shorter showers, taking the bike for shorter trips, relying more on natural lighting and washing the car less often.

But did you know that you can actually show your support for the planet and for environmental protection with your passion for fashion?

Here are a two easy-to-implement tips that can actually help you be kinder to Mother Earth while living your most fashionable fantasy:

1. Repair and Re-wear:

Unfortunately, many fashion enthusiasts discard the garments that they purchased after wearing them only once or after noticing the slightest damage. This buy-then-discard attitude greatly contributes towards the textile waste crisis the planet is suffering from. In fact, a staggering $500 billion of value is lost every year due to clothing underutilization. A great way to protect the Earth against that is to make more of what you already have! Noticed a small hole in your shirt? Get it fixed, and re-wear it to your heart’s content! Already have pictures in this dress? Add a cool piece of accessory or top it with a color-blocking item to completely change the look, rather than dispose of it.

2. Choose Sustainable Brands that Care:

Have you noticed the rise in the popularity of online fast-fashion brands that often offer low-quality garments with temptingly low prices? These brands largely rely on bulk production with lower profit margins that they can only sustain because of their massively high sales volumes. But, do you realize how much waste their production processes generate? According to the Green Business Bureau, fast-fashion websites generate over 92 million tons of textile waste annually with approximately 10,000 pieces of clothing sent to landfills every five minutes! In fact, discarded fast-fashion garments cover more than 5% of the globe’s landfill space and are responsible for a fifth of industrial water pollution. Purchasing quality items produced by sustainable brands that champion eco-friendly manufacturing processes can be a winning investment, not only for your wardrobe, but also for the planet!

Do your part. Choose wisely. Support sustainability.

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